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Manfood is a range of great tasting foods that are simply made and packed with flavour: no flavourings, no additives, no messing.

Created by Andre Dang, a former buyer for Harrods and Selfridges, Manfood came about as a direct result of his husband Jon complaining about a lack of properly crisp, chunky pickles: he was fed up of buying jars only to find bland, wet mush inside.

And so Andre took up the challenge to make the perfect pickle. Beginning with Piccalilli, he then developed recipes for Bread and Butter Pickles, Smoked Tomato Sauce and Ale Chutney.

Developed in our home kitchen, we're proud to offer the kind of simple, great tasting food that you can simply grab out of the cupboard and enjoy with cheeses, cold cuts, pies or meat. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a fridge buffet, and a must have for your barbecue. 
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